Head Coach Steve Sarkisian (Texas) comments on early praise

 | September 13, 2022

The Texas Longhorns nearly pulled off a huge upset but they don't want to get carried away.


The Texas Longhorns were 21.5-point underdogs heading into their game against the Alabama Crimson Tide, they ended up losing 20-19 after a missed field goal.

Had they hit the field goal, they would’ve pulled off the biggest upset of the week. Still, they’re receiving a lot of praise for their performance against the Crimson Tide.

Head Coach Steve Sarkisian, however, issued a warning: “First of all, to quote my old boss, we've got to be careful of the rat poison of people telling us how good we are, which is important.

“A week ago, everyone told us how bad we were. Now this week, everyone wants to tell us how good we are. We've got to be careful to quiet the noise outside of our building and focus on us.”

His old boss is Nick Saban, head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide, who Sarkisian nearly defeated.

Sarkisian continued: “I definitely wanted to address it because, you know, I'm getting the text messages too.

“I'm getting the phone calls. 'Hey, you guys are great, man. You look great,' this and that. Thanks, but you know, we got more work to do.”

This week, the Longhorns will face the UTSA Roadrunners, a team that went 12-2 last season and won the Conference USA title.

Sarkisian added: “They have our attention. That didn't take long this morning when we turned the tape on for them. They get your attention. We need to be ready to go.”

He was impressed with his defense's performance against Alabama though, so there was definitely a silver lining to the conference.

Of the defense, Sarkisian said: “Like I told the team, in particular the defense, but the team in general: We've now created a new standard of what's acceptable, what is our standard of play.”


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