Donovan Mitchell comments on Ainge's take of the Utah Jazz

 | September 15, 2022

After Jazz CEO Danny Ainge alleged the team "didn't believe in each other" Mitchell fired back.


Earlier this week, Utah Jazz CEO Danny Ainge said the problems with the team were because they “didn’t really believe in each other.” Former Jazz star Donovan Mitchell disagrees.

Mitchell told ESPN: “I don't think we didn't believe [in each other]. I said at the end of the season, don't trade [Rudy Gobert]. Let's figure this out, let's do. And that didn't happen.

“For him to say that after six months around the team, I disagree. But you know, at the end of the day, that's his decision.”

Ainge was hired in December of 2021 and traded Rudy Gobert, the team's starting center and later traded Donovan Mitchell as well.

Gobert went to the Minnesota Timberwolves while Mitchell went to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Mitchell went on to say that he was very close to becoming a New York Knicks member.

Mitchell added he was: “Very close, I won't say more than that I know a little bit more than most, but definitely very close.

“I was truly excited when I got traded [to the Cavs], but we were, it was, it was close [to the Knicks].”

President of the Cleveland Cavaliers Koby Altman reengaged the Jazz in late August after the Knicks and Jazz were unable to agree to terms.

Altman added: “We have a great relationship with Utah. We just kind of hung around and hung around and hung around. And when they decide to pivot [away from the Knicks], we were there.”

In conclusion, Mitchell said: “We could really build something special. I'm just excited to play with this team, play for this city, play with these guys and just get out there and just compete and win.”

The Cavaliers will open their season on October 19 against the Toronto Raptors.


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