Cam Akers didn't expect such a limited role in Week 1

 | September 15, 2022

Head Coach Sean McVay says Akers needs to play with more urgency.


Running back Cam Akers only carried the ball in the game against the Buffalo Bills three times but Head Coach Sean McVay says he needs to play with more urgency.

He must mean that either on the sideline or in practice because no one could really glean anything from Akers’ time on the field.

It was also a shock for Akers who didn’t expect such a limited role either. It appears the two have already had a conversation regarding Akers’ “urgency”.

McVay stated the conversation was “a result of my confidence in him and the expectations we have and what we need him to be, which isn't anything more than what he's capable of.”

This conversation happened in preseason so why did Akers only play just 12 snaps against the Bills, finishing with 3 carries for 0 yards?

Akers commented: “If Coach don't think I'm being urgent, then [I need to] be more urgent. That's what it comes down to.”

Reporters asked what that meant and he replied: “Probably more so in practice, I would think. Not in a game, obviously, because that was the first game. Probably practice.

“Whatever Coach says, I'm going to take it and I'm going to learn from it. Whatever you want to say. I'm going to take it and learn from it and go from there. Whether I think it's right or not, maybe I'm not always right.”

McVay did shoulder some blame in regard to the limited role Allen Robinson II played in the game. He added that he needs to be more intentional in getting him targets.

Allen was targeted just twice on 45 routes run. The 4.4% target rate is the lowest of his career.

The Rams have a much more favorable matchup this week when they face the Atlanta Falcons.


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