Athletic directors vote to keep FBS football under NCAA

 | September 16, 2022

The directors hope to make FBS football more streamlined and less bureaucratic.


During the annual fall LEAD1 meeting on Wednesday,a majority of Division I athletic directors expressed interest in keeping FBS football under the NCAA.

CEO and President of LEAD1 Tom McMillen represented the 131 athletic directors in the FBS, and said there were a total of 105 ADs who participated in the closed-door discussions.

McMillen commented: “Rarely do we have such consensus on an issue. It was doubly reaffirmed today that the status quo was not acceptable, and that there was a strong, very strong preference for a model in the NCAA that is extremely streamlined and much less bureaucratic.

“That's a lot of details to be worked out in that, but a much [more] streamlined governance within the NCAA. And if that can't be accomplished, move it to the outside.”

Currently, FBS is the only collegiate sport governed by the NCAA but runs its own national championship through the College Football Playoff (CFP).

The NCAA covers issues regarding rules, officiating, concussion litigation and enforcement but doesn't receive any money from the CFP.

During Wednesday’s meeting, NCAA Chief Financial Officer Kathleen McNeely gave a presentation to the group revealing the NCAA spends $65m on expenses such as catastrophic insurance and administrative expenses.

McMillen continued: “That does not include any extraordinary costs for legal. As you know, the NCAA is the legal shield. It's a substantial number. I don't think everybody knew that.”

There was another presentation highlighting the structure of the NCAA.

McMillen added: “After all the breakout groups, [the ADs] came to the conclusion there's a better way to run a railroad within the NCAA.”


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