Sean Payton announces interest in returning to the NFL

 | September 23, 2022

After stepping down as a head coach, Payton now works as a Fox Sports personality.


In a not-so-shocking announcement, Sean Payton has revealed that he’s interested in returning as a head coach for the “right situation.”

What that situation is likely has to do with how much Payton will be paid for the opportunity. Currently, the works as a Fox Sports personality and could return for the 2023-24 season.

During the NewOrleans.Football podcast, Payton said: “If the right situation presented itself, I would definitely be interested.

“And there's no utopia, if you will, when it comes to teams, but if I felt like it was the right situation, I would have an interest in that. That all being said, that could come in a year, that could come in two years.”

When asked about the opportunity he was looking for, Payton replied: “The most important element is functional ownership [and] front office.

“Because there's a handful of teams that aren't, and those teams, regardless of what takes place, they can win on Sunday but they have trouble winning long term.

“The opportunity to win consistently and the willingness to build the correct culture and all those things.”

Payton actually has two years left on his contract with the Saints. If any other team wanted to hire him, they’d have to compensate New Orleans.

Payton, who is 58 years old, left his job with the Saints in January after 16 seasons with the franchise.

It was the Week 2 game the Saints had against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that sparked this interest.

Payton said: “This past weekend's game versus Tampa was the first time I had a version of FOMO [fear of missing out].

“I was jealous of everyone that was there, including random Bruce Arians on the sidelines.”

Payton's record with the Saints was 152-89 and he has a Super Bowl win under his belt.


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