Jerry Jones comments on "QB controversy"

 | September 23, 2022

What will Dallas do when Dak Prescott returns?


After a win in Week 2 for the Dallas Cowboys, questions around QB Cooper Rush began to circulate. The main one is should he actually be the starter for Dallas?

Jerry Jones, the team's outspoken owner, had a few comments of his own in this regard.

It would seem that he wants Rush, the backup quarterback, to play so well that there would be controversy as to whether Dak Prescott would assume the starting role once he returns.

Jones said: “Of course, I would. Of course. That means we'd have won. If he comes in there and plays as well as Prescott played, Rush? Played that well over these next games ahead? I'd walk to New York to get that.”

His comments were reminiscent of 2016 when Prescott was a rookie and began taking snaps while Tony Romo was injured.

After losing the season opener, the Cowboys went on a franchise-record 11-straight win streak and Romo never regained his starting position. Can Rush do that?

Jones replied: “Well, I don't know that. You can't find on record where I said I thought Dak Prescott could do it when he stepped in and had the chance to do that. But he did it.”

Prescott could potentially return as early as October 2, and Jones assured he wants Prescott back in the lineup.

He continued: “Well, of course, we want Dak to be here next week. That's the thing. You do. But Dak and I want Rush to lead the team to a victory here and get another win and get another win.

“That's the only way to look at it. Looking back when Dak was playing instead of Tony, it was game by game. It wasn't the long look we had after two months to look back. It was actually play-by-play, almost series-by-series.

“So do I think that it's possible for Rush to come in here and play at a level to win games the way Prescott did when he took over for Romo? Yes, I do. Yes, I do. I certainly think that's possible.”

Never one to shy away from comments, Jones yet again stirs up drama in Dallas.


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