European Super League project could relaunch in 2025

 | October 20, 2022

A new, revamped plan was revealed during a press conference this week.


According to Bernd Reichart, the new CEO of A22 Sports Management, the European Super League project is still “very much alive.”

The launch was first announced in April 2021 but collapsed 48 hours later after English Premier League clubs pulled out due to a widespread public backlash and political opposition.

Reichart told Cadena Ser.: “It's very much alive. There are some who want to declare that it is dead, but if they say it a lot, there is much to suspect.

“There are clubs in Europe that surely share the vision of Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona, and now they have the opportunity to share what they think.

“There is a broad consensus that football needs reform. Football cannot continue as it is designed now.”

The governing bodies for the sport, UEFA and FIFA are against the creation of the league.

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin said: “Nobody wants it except the few who think that football is all about money.”

Reichart doesn’t expect the league to launch until 2024-25.

He added: “Until there is certainty from the European Court, it's unreasonable to think that it could be played before the 2024-25 campaign.

“It's a long journey, but we have the humility to do it step by step without pause.”

Reichart also went over a few more details about the league, stating: “The concept of a fixed [guaranteed] placement is not something that we are currently considering.

“Sporting merit will be applied to all members of that Super League.”

He also announced that the Super League would not be played at the weekends and not affect domestic competitions.


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