Indianapolis Colts hire Jeff Saturday as interim head coach

 | November 8, 2022

Colts owner Jim Irsay had to immediately defend the hiring to the media.


Jim Irsay received several questions as to why he decided to hire Jeff Saturday as the interim head coach of the Indianapolis Colts.

It was definitely a move that shocked the media as there were several other options available for the coaching position.

After firing Frank Reich on Monday morning, and announced the hiring of Jeff Saturday shortly after.

Saturday spend significant time in the NFL, making five Pro Bowls in 13 seasons with the Indianapolis Colts.

Irsay said: “Want to bet against this guy? Put your money down. [I'd] love to see it, because I know what he's about.”

In regard to firing Reich, Irsay stated it was difficult but attributed it to knowing it was time, based on his experience as a second-generation NFL owner.

He stated: “There's no rule book that tells you, ‘Now you should make a change.’ It's something from being in the league 52 years. It's intuitive.”

Saturday will coach the final eight games of the NFL season but after the season comes to a close an official head coaching search will begin.

Saturday also commented: “Here's a great part about my career. I came in, nobody expects anything. I'm here. Nobody expects anything. Hopefully, it'll go extremely well. But I have no preconceived notion that I'm gonna be some spectacular anything.”

Saturday will immediately face a tough test as he takes on the Las Vegas Raiders offense led by Derek Carr and Davante Adams.

He has revealed that his offensive play-caller hasn’t been named but Sam Ehlinger will continue to be the starting quarterback.


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