P.K. Subban joining ESPN as a hockey analyst

 | November 10, 2022

The former Nashville Predator has entered a three-year agreement with ESPN.


During last season’s Stanley Cup playoffs coverage, P.K. Subban contributed as an ESPN analyst and now he’s become a full-time member.

Subban has entered a three-year agreement with ESPN and will work mainly as a studio analyst but will also cover games during the season.

Subban commented: “I've known for a few weeks now. It's been tough to have known what I was going to do that and just kind of keep it close to the chest.

“I'm excited now that we're now here. I had done some work last postseason and it was great. I enjoyed working with the producers and everybody.”

Subban, who is 33 years old, has made appearances on First Take and other ESPN programs during the playoffs.

During his time in the NHL, Subban played 13 seasons for the Montreal Canadiens, Nashville Predators, and New Jersey Devils.

Throughout his career, he scored 467 points in 824 regular-season games, including 115 goals.

ESPN Senior Vice President for Production and Remote Events Mark Gross said: “P.K. brings a fresh perspective to his analysis, having recently retired from the game, but he also draws on much more than just his experience on the ice, which gives him a unique, fun perspective that fans will love.”

Subban has already agreed to host “P.K.’s Places”, a hockey version of the “Places” series that streams on ESPN+, this series is set to debut next year.

Subban added: “I'm excited to bring that passion and that energy that I brought on the ice to something else that I'm passionate about.

“I hope that they're just as excited as I am to get started. The people that follow and know me know that I keep honest. I'm going to be myself, and hopefully, that's what they want to see. I think that's what people are excited about.”


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