Jets Robert Saleh won't name QB Zach Wilson as starter

 | November 22, 2022

Saleh wasn't pleased with how Wilson handled himself during a postgame conference.


Robert Saleh, the head coach for the New York Jets, might be starting another quarterback this weekend instead of Zach Wilson.

He’s yet to name a starter which isn’t surprising considering he wasn’t happy with how Wilson handled himself at the podium last week.

The change of heart come just three weeks after he said that Wilson would be the starter for the rest of the season.

When asked if he could name Wilson the starter, Saleh said: “We're keeping everything on the table over the next couple of days.

“Not right now, not until I'm done evaluating everything.”

Although Wilson is 5-2 as a starter, he’s performed poorly over the last few weeks but the poor performance with a poor attitude is what seems to have Saleh fired up.

When asked about how Wilson handled himself postgame, Saleh said: “Is it a mistake? Sure. Is it something he'll be better from? Absolutely.”

He also gave a bit of advice, saying: “It's our job to take the bullets and own it.”

He added that: “I don't think it's indicative of how he feels about his team or his teammates.”

Whether it was the loss that prompted frustration throughout the team or attitudes, it’s clear that Saleh is looking at every facet of the team.

He continued: “When you put up 100 yards of offense [actually, 103], I don't care how good New England is -- and they are good -- it's unacceptable.”

It’s important to remember that the Jets are still 6-4 and third in the AFC East. Although they likely won’t win the division, it’s a massive improvement over last season.

We expect Wilson to take the field this week but with a much better attitude after the game.


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