New York Jets bench QB Zach Wilson for Mike White

 | November 23, 2022

The switch is expected to give Wilson time to "reset" and refocus.


Although it’s a big move from New York Jets’ Head Coach Robert Saleh it’s not one that fans and press alike didn’t see coming.

Mike White is the official starter for the New York Jets heading into their Week 12 game against the Chicago Bears at MetLife Stadium.

Saleh noted that the Jets aren’t giving up on Wilson but are trying to give him a “reset” so he can refocus before returning to the field as the starter.

A few days ago, Saleh met with Wilson and informed him that he would be evaluating the quarterback position. Just two days later, he’s named a new starter and a new backup.

Wilson will be active for the game but he won’t be the direct backup to Mike White. Instead, Joe Flacco will take the position of the No.2 quarterback on the roster.

It’s expected that at some point Wilson will get the starting position back but there will likely be a few stipulations in regard to him getting the starting job back.

White has had only three career starts and began the season as the No.3 quarterback. When moved up to the QB2 spot Saleh said it was to “allow him the opportunity to prepare as if he is the next man up.”

Part of the reason Wilson is heading to the bench is due to his performance against the New England Patriots last week.

He threw three interceptions and the offense only earned 103 total yards.

The other reason for Wilson hitting the bench is due to his attitude after the game during a postgame conference. The dismissal of his responsibility for the loss clearly frustrated Saleh.

We’ll have to wait and see if Wilson earns the starting spot back by the end of the season.


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