Packers QB Aaron Rodgers reveals details on thumb injury

 | November 24, 2022

The quarterback said his broken thumb won't prevent him from playing.


In a game on October 9, Oshane Ximines of the New York Giants hit Aaron Rodgers’ throwing arm and forced a fumble. Rodgers came up flexing his right hand shortly after.

When asked about it, Rodgers would reply with “My thumb is hurt” but he never went into any detail on the subject.

He’s finally revealed that his thumb is indeed broken but he doesn’t intend to miss any games because of it. He’s stated several times that he’s played with broken fingers before.

To be fair, he hasn’t skipped a beat in terms of throwing the ball properly so perhaps he’s doing just fine with the broken thumb and its had nearly two months to heal.

On Wednesday, Rodgers said: “I think I've had worse injuries I've played with. Definitely a challenge, but the days off helped. Feeling better this week.”

There has been moments, however, where Rodgers has admitted the thumb injury is affecting him. One of these games was against the Dallas Cowboys, a game in which they won.

Rodgers continued: “I think it's the truth. My thumb was hurting a lot worse in the Dallas game, and I put the ball where I wanted to.”

His accuracy numbers have been down since the injury but he’s thrown 11 touchdowns and four interceptions in the last six games.

He added: “When I hurt my knee in '18, you throw from the ground up, so that was definitely difficult on the footwork, plant leg.

“It doesn't make a difference with me playing.”


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