Colts owner responds to critics of Frank Reich firing

 | November 25, 2022

Jim Irsay reminded those that disapprove that the firing wasn't personal.


Philadelphia Eagles coach Nick Sirianni made a statement after beating the Indianapolis Colts last week that prompted a lot of backlash and even more questions.

Stating: “That s— was for Frank Reich” stirred up comments that the firing of the former Colts’ head coach was personal instead of a business decision.

During his postgame conference, he added: “You don't want to know what I think of if he should be here or not, but you guys can probably imagine what I really think.”

Jim Irsay, the owner of the Indianapolis Colts isn’t happy with the way the move is being interpreted and has decided to come forward with his own thoughts.

Irsay said: “Frank is a treasured friend of my family and all my daughters. We go back a long, long way. I'm very, very close to Frank, and I've known Frank for many decades. He's like family.”

Irsay’s concerns surrounding the team began at the end of 2021 but he stated that he went against his stance and decided to keep Reich on.

He continued: “I've been doing this for over 50 years, and I've never, ever, ever, ever given a coach an extension when there's two years left on the contract.

“But [I did it] because of the closeness with him and our family, and because I hoped that maybe it would be something that would help strengthen him in his position and his own belief.”

After firing Reich, Irsay went on to hire Jeff Saturday, a former NFL player that had never coached at higher than the high school level. This was another move that shocked some fans and angered others.

Defending his hire, Reich added: “You have to understand that Jeff's a very unusual person that was in a very unusual position to have the type of qualities that would make him able to make a transition like this.

“Could I make a hire like this again? Probably not. I mean, if I was lucky enough to live long enough to do this for 75 years, it's probably once in 75 years. I mean, it was a rare thing because the circumstances presented themselves that way.”

Saturday has started his head coaching career with a record of 1-1.


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