Chargers' Justin Herbert sets passing record in Week 14

 | December 13, 2022

The quarterback passed the previous record for passing yards set by Andrew Luck.


Herbert’s pass came in the third quarter and during a drive that resulted in a field goal to help lift the Chargers to a 23-17 victory over the Miami Dolphins.

He passed former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck for the most passing yards through a quarterback's first three NFL seasons.

During the postgame conference, Herbert said: “I've got a ton of respect for Andrew Luck. For him as a football player, as a person, as a teammate -- I think it's just cool to be in the same conversation as him.”

In 44 starts, Herbert has passed for 13,056 passing yards beating not just Andrew Luck but Peyton Manning as well.

His main target, wide receiver Keenan Allen has caught 240 passes for 2,530 yards in nearly three seasons with Herbert.

Allen added: “He's just getting better, he's just starting. He's about to blow this league away.”

The game marks the twenty-first career game with 300-plus passing yards, two more than any other player in his first three seasons, including Luck.

Herbert continued: “As a quarterback, selfishly, I would love to throw the ball. I wish we could throw it every single down. I think it's just kind of the game plan that we went with. We knew that it was going to be that type of game.”

His head coach, Brandon Staley said: “He played with great energy tonight that really affected his teammates in a positive way.

“He made a lot of winning plays, really good decisions throughout the game.”


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