Clemson's Myles Murphy to skip Orange Bowl

 | December 13, 2022

The defensive end will instead look to prepare for the NFL Draft.


Clemson defensive end Myles Murphy, who is Mel Kiper's No. 10 overall projected player in the upcoming draft, told ESPN that he's skipping the Orange Bowl and will declare for the NFL draft.

This isn’t an uncommon occurrence as players in the past have declared for the draft instead of playing in a bowl game which could potentially lead to an injury.

Of his time at Clemson, Murphy said: “It really came fast. Three years ago today, I was getting ready to head to Clemson. It was a really fast transition.

“Now there's a transition to the next level and next chapter of my life. Every big decision that I make, I go back to the family and make it a family and team decision. We all agreed on and thought it was the best decision.”

Murphy’s abilities are best suited for a 4-3 defensive scheme and is expected to bring real speed to that position. He also said what makes him unique is that level of speed combined with his power.

He added: “There's that speed combined with very good strength in my long arm move. Just those two things, being able to be a very fast defensive end and a speed rusher that's very powerful at the same time.

“Having offensive linemen thinking about those two things that are polar opposites.”

Murphy earned 36.0 tackles for loss and 18.5 sacks in his three years at Clemson and earned first-team All-ACC honors in 2022, he joins a long list of former Clemson ends that went high in the draft.


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