Draymond Green gets fan ejected on Tuesday night

 | December 15, 2022

Green stated the fan threatened his life during the third quarter of the game.


During the game between the Golden State Warriors and Milwaukee Bucks, Draymond Green and a fan were both booted from the game.

When Giannis Antetokounmpo lined up for two free throws in the third quarter, a fan on the baseline began to heckle Green.

According to the Green, the fan said “some threatening things to my life.” Green responded to the fan several times before running back to the other end of the court.

Green then informed the referee of what happened which is when the ref got security and the fan was escorted out of the game shortly after.

Green addressed the media, stating: “Some people look at NBA players like they're superhuman. That they're this larger-than-life figure.

“So you come and you get someone to say something back and they get fined. They go home and laugh with their buddies. I think it's just one of those things when you can hold it in and get to the ref and get them out, it's great.”

Green also stated that fans have no real consequences when it comes to their behavior at these games and it would take someone from outside the NBA to affect change.

He continued: “There are no real consequences. Yeah, you can't come back to the game, or even if you get arrested, nothing really happens.

“You just hope it gets to a point where these leagues can work with legislators to implement laws because that's the only thing that's really going to correct the issue.”


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