Zach Wilson to start for Jets against Jaguars

 | December 21, 2022

Former starting quarterback Mike White is still dealing with fractured ribs.


Currently, New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh doesn’t have much of a choice but to start Zach Wilson, as Mike White is still dealing with fractured ribs.

The chances for the Jets to enter the playoffs will fall to Wilson, who will take on the Jacksonville Jaguars, a team that has performed remarkably well this season.

According to ESPN analytics, New York (7-7)have only a 13% chance of making the playoffs and have lost their last three games.

Saleh said: “There are quarterbacks through the history of time that needed just a little bit longer to find their groove.

“So, when you see Zach, he's got a lot of things you just can't teach. You just can't teach some of the stuff he does.

“For him, it's just learning the timing and rhythm aspect of it, the intermediate passing game and finding that consistency for four quarters. When he's in rhythm, and he is hitting on all cylinders, it's pretty cool to watch.”

As a starter, Zach Wilson has a record of 5-3. This year, however, the Jets have started Joe Flacco (1-2) and Mike White (1-2).

In regard to White, Saleh said: “Everything for Mike is to give him the opportunity to seek second opinions and for him and his team to make sure all the boxes are being checked.

“From our vantage point as coaches, we're allowing that process to happen. When everything aligns, then we make a decision.”

After being benched, Wilson sought advice from former quarterbacks Drew Brees, Kurt Warner and Steve Young.

Wilson commented: “Some of the biggest things I took from it was, where you want to get, this is just going to help you get there faster.

“The bumps, the ups and downs, it's tough, but you eventually make your way through it.”


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