Cody Bellinger comments on recent signing with Chicago Cubs

 | December 21, 2022

The center fielder signed a one-year $17.5m contract with Chicago during the offseason.


In 2019, Cody Bellinger was with the Los Angeles Dodgers and won the National League MVP after posting a 1.035 OPS but has fallen short of that number in recent years.

Last season, he batted .210 with 150 strikeouts while hitting nineteen home runs. He had ten home runs in 315 at-bats in 2021.

Now, Bellinger will play for the Chicago Cubs after signing a one-year $17.5m contract with them during the offseason. He’s hoping that his struggles are behind him as he joins a new team.

Bellinger said: “It's definitely important. Not going to say it's not, but I think that where I'm at right now, and how I feel mentally and physically, I'm in a pretty good spot.”

During the 2020 NL Championship Series, Bellinger suffered a dislocated shoulder and several coaches close to him have stated his recovery has been hindered.

However, Bellinger said that is all in the past, stating: “I'm feeling really good right now. I'm focused on workouts that benefit me as opposed to just doing workouts that make people stronger.

“I'm doing more body-specific workouts and overall I'm feeling really good and really strong.”

He’ll be joining shortstop Dansby Swanson and pitcher Jameson Taillon as Chicago’s most notable offseason acquisitions. There’s also a chance Bellinger could play first base.

He continued: “I have played first base in the past. I played there my whole minors career, throughout high school and obviously my first year or two in ... the major leagues, and so I'm very confident over there as well.

“It's definitely a big year, but I feel really good and excited about it.”


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