Manchester United searching for new striker

 | December 27, 2022

With Cristiano Ronaldo leaving, the club needs a new scorer.


Erik ten Hag, who leads Manchester United stated that the club is now looking for a striker to replace Cristiano Ronaldo, who is leaving the team.

Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford are the only recognized strikers that are still with the team, leaving the club with a large hole to fill.

The group is looking to sign a striker before the start of the year but Ten Hag stated that a new signing might not materialize in time.

He commented: “Yes, we are aware we have lost a striker so need to get one in but has to be the right one who brings quality into the team not just adding to the squad.

“The criteria is high here at Man United.”

The team is the lowest scoring group in the Premier League but Ten Hag has faith that Rashford could play a key role in scoring goals for the club.

He continued: “I think he is capable of scoring 20 goals in the Premier League. He got three in the World Cup so we know the potential to score those numbers in the Premier League.

“When you analyze the first 14 games or however many we are not a problem in the front line. Often players have not been 100% fit and I have had to play them.

“That was a problem in the first few games. When we get players fit and available in the front line then already we will score more goals.”

Hag has said Dean Henderson also has a future with Manchester United.


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