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Christian Eriksen of Man Unt. upset behind Ronaldo departure


Ronaldo agreed to a mutual termination of his contract during the World Cup.

Although Christian Eriksen is upset that Cristiano Ronaldo is leaving Manchester United, he insists the team needs to move forward.

Ronaldo and Manchester United agreed to a mutual termination of his contract during the World Cup in Qatar.

Eriksen commented: “We are sad that Ronaldo is not part of it. His legacy and his name at any club is special, for me to be fortunate to play with him in my career was very nice. The football goes on.

“You feel that the next game after, people will forget what it was like before and now our focus is really like he is not here.”

Man. United has restarted their domestic campaign with back-to-back wins over Burnley and Nottingham Forest, all without Ronaldo.

Eriksen added: “We are in a good place. The start of the season is very different compared to now, the football is different now to the beginning, it was a bit hit-and-miss in some games but I think after that we picked up, we have been building since.

“You feel that in the group, you feel that the system is working which is something you have to believe in and I think we are doing that.”

The club will play the Wolves on Saturday, this game will be followed by five games in 15 days in three competitions.

Eriksen continued: “It helps winning games and also before we went away for the World Cup, we had a few good games and good wins, and it makes it easier to come back and start like this.”

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