Derek Carr to step away from the Las Vegas Raiders

 | December 29, 2022

The team and Carr agreed to step away for the remainder of the year.


Derek Carr, who was the starting quarterback for the Las Vegas Raiders since 2014 is now stepping away from the team after being benched.

First-year coach Josh McDaniels made the announcement on Wednesday and the reason behind it is to avoid any distractions.

It was also revealed that both Carr and the team came to an agreement, the team listed his absence at practice as “not injury related, personal.”

Wide receiver Davante Adams, who joined the Raiders to play with Carr, wasn't happy about the decision made by the organization.

Adams added: “Obviously, I don't think anybody was excited about it in here. You know, him being one of my really good friends and the reason why I came here in the first place, I mean, I wouldn't be here right now if he wasn't here, so I think everybody knows how I feel about him.

“And with that said, there's a process of how things go, and I'm not going to sit here and go on and on, but obviously I support my guy and we've got to finish the season out the best way we can possible with all things considered.”

Carr holds nearly every passing record in Raiders franchise history.

McDaniels added: “None of us is happy with where we're at, but we think it's an opportunity to evaluate a younger player who hasn't had much time to play.

“Derek was great. He understands the scenario that we're in and the situation and is very supportive of the two young guys. He'll do anything he can to help them.”


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