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 | May 29, 2008


The end of May sees the start of a Kalooki tournament at the online gambling site, RummyRoyal. The $3,000 guaranteed Kalooki Tournament is open to players from around the world and is the largest tournament of its kind ever.

The availability of a unique gaming experience has made a popular website, and its numbers keep growing. RummyRoyal is well known as the first multi-player Gin Rummy website, and offers Gin Rummy, Oklahoma Gin, Kalooki, and traditional Rummy games, and an opportunity for players to test their skills against those of Rummy lovers from around the world.

Kalooki (aka Kaluki or Kalookie) is a Rummy game that includes the use of wild cards or Jokers to add a new fun element to the game. One of several classic, skill-based Rummy games, Kalooki has been a long-time favourite in the United Kingdom and North America, and is gaining popularity in other regions as well.

The RummyRoyal website provides for brand new members, as well as an ongoing effort to keep current members happy. New players will find a bunch of innovative features on the website, as well as special promotions. RummyRoyal doubles players' first deposit up to $200 and the site's Royal Stars programs offers awesome prizes for loyal players. The website also offers secure deposits, fast payouts, and 24-hour customer service.

RM Royal Media LTD is based in Nicosia, Cyprus and specializes in creating online, skill-based games utilizing advanced gaming software and technology. RM Royal Media LTD is the sole owner and operator of the popular online multiplayer Rummy website, RummyRoyal.

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