Online Poker set to be legalized in France

 | October 15, 2009


More good news for Texas holdÂ'em this week as French law-makers have approved a bill designed to legalize and legitimize online poker in France. This will no doubt come as great news to both French players and the poker companies in France. The result of this new law means that some 1200 online poker companies will be able to apply for licenses to operate online poker rooms. Stipulations of the ruling require poker players to close their current accounts for six months before registering on the new legal online poker system. Revenues and profits will be subject to tax by the French government.

This will certainly be seen as a progressive step for the game, especially after in July the Russian Government moved to pass draconian measures outlawing gambling everywhere but specific zones. The USA however is showing signs of thawing its previously harsh laws on poker. In the last few days a judge in South Carolina has reversed the convictions of five players found guilty of illegally playing poker and in the process decreed that he believed the game to be based on skill.

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