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An ultimate guide to different slots: Which one is right for you? Slot Review

The world of slots can be complicated, with everyone talking about reels, paylines and RTP. So how are you meant to know which one you want to play?
The world of slots can be complicated, with everyone talking about reels, paylines and RTP. So how are you meant to know which one you want to play?

Slot machines, fruities, pokies – they go by many names and have been around for years. Over 130, to be exact, with the first slot machine being credited to Sittman and Pitt of Brooklyn, New York, in 1891. Since then, they’ve evolved along with the industry until some of them can no longer even be reasonably compared to the old ‘Liberty Bell’ machine of the 19th century.

But of course, this means they’ve also grown a little more confusing – or should we say complicated. Each year, developers are adding new and exciting features to their games to make them stand out from the crowd. With all of the different terms being thrown around, it’s easy to get lost in what you actually want to play.

One thing to remember is that not every category in this list will be mutually exclusive. That makes things very confusing, we understand. For example, there can be traditional slot machines that are part of a progressive, or video slots that offer multi-line.

Rather than thinking about them as strict definitions, it’s better to think about slot machines as genres. Just like films and video games, they’ll often have one primary genre, with several additional ones on top; be it romance, thriller or action. In the same way, approach slots with this kind of thing in mind. Look for the most important aspect to you first, and then figure out which add-ons look most appealing to you.

Physical or digital slots

The most important thing to decide when figuring out which slot is for you is just how you’re going to play it. Each of them offers something unique which will appeal to different players. When it comes down to it, are you looking for a social experience or a convenient hobby?


The traditional physical slot machine that can be found in slot machines; it’s a classic and for good reason. The main thing that sets these two categories apart is the social element. If you play on slot machines in a casino, then you get to soak up the lively atmosphere of the establishment. You’ll be sat next to other players you can strike up conversations with, as well as the various staff in the casino. While the number of games will be limited, you do get to experience the unique experience of live gaming.


It’s no secret that online slots could never replicate the atmosphere of a live casino. That being said, online slots offer a significant number of other features. These include a full library of games at your fingertips, as well as flashy graphics and features that would be difficult to replicate with a retail slot machine. Not to mention the convenience of being able to play slot games on the go – with the rise of mobile casinos, it’s possible to play slots at home, while commuting or even at work. Quickly.

Traditional playstyle or flashy bonus games


These will be the stereotypical slots you imagine in your head. Classic slots will use simple gameplay mechanics, often focusing on the quality of the game loop itself, rather than worrying about anything else. The player pulls the reel, the symbols come in, the payout is determined and the player pulls the reel again. Nice and easy.

Video Slots

Video slots take the basic premise of slots and incorporate it into something much larger. These will often include animated graphics, visuals, mini-games, bonus rounds, etc. Some video slots will even have a whole game based around the slots themselves, such as the player passing through a storyline or across a game board.

A simple payout or something more

Fixed Jackpot

Slots with fixed jackpots will have a limit on what the maximum payout is, which will often be dependent on the bet made by the player. For example, a bet of $1 from the player will return a Minor Jackpot of $10, a Mid Jackpot of $100 and a Major Jackpot of $1,000. This amount will not change depending on how many times it has been paid out, nor will it depend on the amount of players.


A complicated idea at first, but an easy one once you get your head around the difference. A progressive jackpot will increase with every wager placed that doesn’t trigger the jackpot. Each unsuccessful bet will contribute to the prize pool. Think of it like blowing up a balloon – it may take a while, but it’s guaranteed to burst at some point.

Why not give a slot a go near you? Always gamble responsibly.

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