F1 Championship: Jenson Button has to play it cool in Sao Paulo Brazil

 | October 16, 2009


Jenson Button is in Brazil ready for what could be the biggest race of his career so far – if he can make it on to the podium by the end of the race on Sunday evening he will be crowned F1 Champion of 2009.

The British F1 racer, who has come into form after an un-certain Christmas last year as to whether there would even be a team for him with Honda dropping out, will be seated in the somewhat surprisingly successful Brawn GP who are only in their first F1 season.

With only two more races left on the calendar; Sao Paulo and Abu Dhabi, Button needs to take just 6 points overall to earn his first Championship title.

However, stiff competition is going to come from his team mate Rubens Barrichello who is at his home circuit this weekend and typically drives a strong race there to please his loyal followers.

The weather appears to playing into both Brawn and the Redbull teamÂ's setup – SaturdayÂ's qualifying is set to be the warmest day which aids Brawn and rain could fall for race day which favours the Redbull cars.

All eyes will be on Jenson Button who has claimed this week that he has imposed a sex ban on himself and model girlfriend Jessica Michibata until the end of the title race. Luckily for Jenson she wonÂ't be able to accompany him to circuit this weekend as she has a modelling assignment in Japan – at least weÂ'll still get numerous shots of Lewis HamiltonÂ's Pussycat Doll girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger to enjoy throughout the boring parts of the race.


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