Ladbrokes to broadcast responsible gambling ad

 | May 15, 2014


Bookmakers Ladbrokes are to launch a TV advertisement based purely on responsible gambling.

The ad, which the firm say is the first of its kind, is dedicated to promoting responsible gambling and doesnÂ't include any promotional or sales messages.

Set for its first broadcast on 16 May, the advert sees a character called Mr Brightside enjoying a night out despite being denied a winning football bet by the decision of a linesman. It ends with the message: ‘Please Bet ResponsiblyÂ'.

The ad is one of a number of responsible gambling measures recently introduced by the gaming company, another being the implementation of a feature on fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs) which allows customers to set their own time and money limits.

Responsible gambling, particularly in relation to FOBTs, has become an increasingly hot topic in media, political and social circles in recent times.

Ladbrokes CEO Richard Glynn said: Â"Most betting customers will recognise the message in the advertisement as something they already practice but we believe it is important to continue to promote responsible gambling to ensure people stay within their limits and donÂ't take unnecessary risks.Â"


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