Utah Jazz now considering Donovan Mitchell trade scenarios

 | July 14, 2022


The guard could find himself a new home if the price works out for the team.


Originally, Utah was shutting down any talks of moving Donovan Mitchell. However, now that Rudy Gobert is gone, the Jazz are listening to trade scenarios.

Of course, these scenarios need to work out for the Jazz, similar to how the Gobert trade went. According to various sources, the price for the All-Star guard is quite steep.

In a press conference, Jazz GM Justin Zanik said: “Change is inevitable in the NBA. I'm not trying to be cryptic or anything else, but Donovan is on our roster and he's a very, very important part of what we're trying to do.”

He continued: “Things evolve in the NBA, so I couldn't sit here and say anybody is [untouchable]. We're trying to build a championship team, but there's no intent [to trade Mitchell], at all.”

Mitchell, 25, has averaged 23.9 points and 4.5 assists per game during his five-year career with the Jazz. He’s also been an All-Star each of the past three seasons.

The main problem is that Mitchell has four years and $134.9m remaining on the maximum extension he signed during the 2020 offseason.

The Utah Jazz has been consistently in the playoffs over the last six seasons. However, this hasn’t turned into any championships for them. They haven’t even won the Western Conference Finals during this time.

Jazz CEO Danny Ainge commented: “This season wasn't very much fun this year. This draft wasn't fun. Free agency wasn't very much fun. You're over the tax, no draft picks, and our team loses in the first round.”

Ainge continued: “It wasn't fun for us. We want it to be fun for our fans and our players, but we just haven't had much flexibility to do anything over the last little while.”

Former Jazz superstar Rudy Gobert commented that the win-now window in Utah was gone. This was something that Ainge and Zanik agreed with.

It might be time to blow it up by trading away Mitchell and starting over in Utah.


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