Sprinter Noah Lyles sets a new record for the 200m

 | July 22, 2022


US men take the top three spots at track and field championships.


Noah Lyles, who first saw his time as “19.32” was ecstatic when it ticked down to “19.31” meaning that he broke a record set by Michael Johnson.

The record set by Johnson, another American sprinter, stood for 26 years. Now, the torch has been passed to Lyles.

Lyles said: “I was very self-concerned about whether that number was going to turn from a '2' to a '1.”

Moments after Lyles’ time was announced the scoreboard popped up with Kenny Bednarek and Erriyon Knighton of the US. This meant the US swept the 200m, the same as they did with the 100m just a few nights ago.

Lyles commented: “America's, like, scooping up medals left and right. This feels great because I've been waiting for America to come out and dominate since I got on the platform.”

Lyles' 19.31 was the third-fastest time in history, behind only Usain Bolt's 19.19 in 2009 and a 19.26 run two years later by another Jamaican, Yohan Blake.

Lyles also said: “I didn't want to see '32,' I didn´t want to share a record. Nobody wants to share a record. I think even Michael Johnson doesn't want to share a record. So I was just begging it to change.”

Johnson, who set the original record, congratulated Lyles and held his hand up after the race.

In talks with an Associated Press reporter, Johnson said: “He just said he had a great race. He said he worked harder than he ever did. I thought he ran a great curve. And so, it was fantastic.”


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