Kyler Murray's contract details reveal mandated film study

 | July 26, 2022

It would seem that the Arizona Cardinals are assigning the young QB extra homework.


Days after Kyler Murray’s $230m contract was announced, the details of the new arrangement flooded in. Part of the new deal is that Murray spends four hours on film study each week.

The clause is labeled "independent study addendum." A source who has seen the contract confirmed to ESPN that the addendum first reported by NFL Network is in the contract.

This deal keeps Murray with the Cardinals for five more years and should help the quarterback develop his skill. The question is, why did the Cardinals decide to include such an addendum.

The contract terms state that Murray needs to study “material provided to him by the Club in order to prepare for the Club's next upcoming game.” Mandated team study doesn’t count as credit and he needs the credit to stay in compliance with the contract.

The addendum went on to state that Murray wouldn’t receive credit if he was attempting to study while doing something that could distract him. This rules out the use of his cell phone, watching the film on his tablet and playing video games.

Failure to meet the addendum's requirements will mean Murray will "be deemed to be in default" of his contract.

Murray originally agreed to this extension last week, however, many have noted how strange this addendum is. Fans and players alike knew that there were issues between Arizona and Murray but perhaps Murray is the root of the issue.

If he’s not studying film on his own or has a callous approach to his career it’s good that the Cardinals added this addendum to protect themselves.


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Ricky Gray

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