Hockey Canada Board Chair resigns after fallout behind assault allegations

 | August 8, 2022

Michael Brind'Amour's resignation was announced on Saturday.


Michael Brind'Amour has resigned as chair of Hockey Canada's board of directors after the fallout behind how the group handled sexual assault allegations.

His resignation was announced via a statement from the board on Saturday.

Brind'Amour said in the statement: “I have listened carefully and intently to the comments of Canadians about the culture of our sport and our organization, and about our actions and leadership.

“I understand that the actions we have taken in recent weeks are part of the solution.

“My final term ends in November 2022, and I know that there is no need to wait for a new era. Immediate action is essential to address the important challenges facing our organization and our sport, which our Action Plan works to accomplish.”

Brind'Amour was elected board chair in 2018 and went on to add: “I would not be able to see this renewal through.”

Funding for Hockey Canada was frozen by Canada's Sports Minister, Pascale St-Onge. St-Onge has stated the funds will remain frozen until Hockey Canada meets her conditions.

These conditions include a financial audit of the organization, producing the recommendations of a third-party law firm review and an action plan for change, as well as signing onto the office of the new sports integrity commissioner.

Sheldon Kennedy is a former NHL player and someone that has lobbied for Hockey Canada leadership to step down.

On Saturday, St. Onge said: “We're starting to see cracks in the fortress, and that's how the light gets in.

“Canadians have sent a clear message to Hockey Canada that real leadership change is needed and this is at all levels within the organization.”


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