WNBA's Brittney Griner moved to Russian penal colony

 | November 9, 2022

The exact location of Griner is unknown according to her Russian legal team.


Brittney Griner is being transferred to a Russian penal colony but the location the WNBA player is heading to is still unknown.

This move is something that Griner’s family was worried about and even Griner’s Russian legal team has no idea where Griner is headed.

The transfer began Friday according to her lawyers, a day after US embassy officials visited her and far ahead of the schedule they had anticipated after Griner's appeal was denied on Oct. 25.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated the transfer is: “Another injustice layered on her ongoing unjust and wrongful detention.

“As we work to secure Brittney Griner's release, we expect Russian authorities to provide our Embassy officials with regular access to all U.S. citizens detained in Russia, including Brittney, as is their obligation.

“Ensuring the health and welfare of U.S. citizen detainees in Russia is a priority, and we will continue to press for fair and transparent treatment for them all.”

On Wednesday morning, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said: “Every minute that Brittney Griner must endure wrongful detention in Russia is a minute too long.

“As the Administration continues to work tirelessly to secure her release, the President has directed the Administration to prevail on her Russian captors to improve her treatment and the conditions she may be forced to endure in a penal colony.”

US officials have stated that they made a “serious” offer in terms of trading for Griner’s freedom in June.

A statement from the US Government said: “The U.S. Government is unwavering in its commitment to its work on behalf of Brittney and other Americans detained in Russia, including fellow wrongful detainee Paul Whelan.”


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