Rodgers reflects on time with coach Mike McCarthy

 | November 10, 2022

The Green Bay Packers will face the Dallas Cowboys in Lambeau this week.


With the Green Bay Packers set to face the Dallas Cowboys this weekend, Aaron Rodgers made a few statements about facing his former coach.

Rodgers reflected fondly on his time with McCarthy, who he spent over 12 seasons with. He also noted that their friendship has continued, even though McCarthy is now the coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

Rodgers commented: “We've always kind of been in touch, a little bit more I'd say the last year or so.

“I think as time goes by, the gratitude for that time as you look back on the journey of your career goes up a little bit. I appreciate the little things a little bit more because really this game and life is about the journey.

“I'll always be tied with him because of the connection that we had and the years we spent together. Obviously my longest-tenured coach, my longest-tenured play-caller. I'm thankful for those years and thankful maybe a little bit more now as the years go by.”

Although McCarthy wasn’t the coach that drafted Aaron Rodgers, he was the one that spend the most time with him.

During their time together, they won Super Bowl XLV, and Rodgers won his first two NFL MVPs.

It wasn’t always easy sailing though, as Rodgers pointed out during the conference.

He continued: “It's probably normal in any relationship you have, when you're able to take time away and you have that separation, it's natural to look back and have a greater sense of appreciation and gratitude and thankfulness for that time.”

The Packers are struggling this season, posting a record of 3-6. Rodgers will look to earn a win over his former coach this weekend.


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