Raiders' Carr and Adams relieved by Davis' remarks

 | November 17, 2022

The team owner came out in support of the struggling team and head coach.


Two Las Vegas Raiders are breathing a sigh of relief after owner Mark Davis came out in support of the team and the head coach after a poor start.

On Monday, Davis told ESPN “Rome wasn't built in a day.” and that people want “instant gratification”, this seems to have taken a bit of the burden off of the team.

Carr said: “Just being here for nine years and everything that we've all seen and been through, and some tragedies, and all this stuff, right?

“I'm so happy to hear that Mr. Davis feels that way. I'm so happy that he loves Josh, he loves [first-year general manager Dave Ziegler], he believes in them.”

The Raiders are off to a 2-7 start, one of the worst we’ve seen across the NFL. Not long ago, Carr was emotional on the podium due to all of the losses.

Carr said that Davis’ endorsement: “Kind of just gave us a breath like, 'Yes. Let's just get better. Let's work on being a better football team. Let's go out and win all these games. Let's go try and do all that, of course, but let's just be a better football team.”

He continued: “It kind of let us know, the process, trust that process. There is a process and we do have time during the season that we know who our leader is, and we know that we're rolling, and that gives us confidence as a football team.

“So, absolutely, when he came out and did that, 'Whew, thank goodness.' That kind of thing.”

The most significant thing McDaniels did after first taking over was land superstar wide receiver Davante Adams.

Adams also stated: “You look at the history of this place, I mean, I don't think a playoff game has been won in over 20 years here.

“There's no magic coach that's going to come in and change that.”


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